Whether your dog is new to you or has been with your family a while, Pitt K9 Academy can help.  Expecting every dog owner to perform obedience training on their own is unreasonable.  It takes a lot of time and effort, which most owners don’t have in their busy lives.  It also requires knowledge of obedience training methods, which we have here at Pitt K9 Academy.

Our dog trainers understand that all dogs are different and we cater to every pet and you as well.  We will meet both of your individual needs so your dog meets its full potential and you are a happy pet parent.  We are experts in dog training and want to make sure we not only get the best results, but also provide you with the tools to maintain a well-mannered dog for years to come.  The end result: happy you and happy dog!

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Meet Our Trainers

Macon Moore, owner of Pitt County K9 Academy, spent 15 years working with and training dogs as a K9 Handler. After his K9 Partner, Asa, was retired due to health reasons, Macon was transferred to the Patrol Division with a local law enforcement agency here in Pitt County, where he now serves as a full-time Deputy.

Hello! My name is Nick Hamilton, I have been training at the academy for about three years. I have always been drawn to dogs my whole life and have always been around dogs since the day I was born. I couldn’t have picked a better job to wake up and be around all the great dogs we have come through the academy. Nothing makes my day more than seeing the owner’s reaction when we bring out a dog after going through our training courses. It really is the most rewarding feeling sending home a dog and seeing the smile on all of our clients faces! 


Hola my name is Francisco but here at the Academy they call me Frank. I was born in Mexico but was raised here in NC my whole life. My love for dogs came at an early age when we took stray dogs in and turned them into loving family pets. I love helping people and that’s the reason I decided to start training dogs because I love the reaction of the parents when they see how much their dog has learned and me knowing that I’m sending home a well-trained dog. Coming from a working family I take my training serious because I want the best out of our training dogs and making sure my work satisfies the dogs’ parent. I’m glad to have the chance to work here and can’t wait to train your dog!

Training Courses

1-Week Puppy Training Course

Pitt County K9 Academy offers a 1-Week Puppy Training Course for pups that are 10 weeks to 4 months of age. This training is an introduction to sitting, staying, laying, and leash walking. This training is also helpful for socializing your pup, which is very important. We will also work on any jumping or nipping issues during the one week of training. By the end of training, the pup will respond to commands by voice and hand signs.

Please note that this is boarding and training, not a class. (Occasionally, we can work with you, if you request to drop the pup off in the morning and pick up in the evening.)

The cost for the one-week puppy training is $400.00 and can be paid on the day of pick up, after we do the one-on-one with the owner.

8-Day Board and Train Course

The 8-Day Board and Train Course is normally for dogs 5 months and older. During their stay, we will work with sitting, staying, laying, and leash walking. Typically, towards the end of the training, we will work with some off-leash obedience as well. By the end of training, the dog will respond to commands by voice and hand signs.

The cost for the 8-Day Board and Train Course is $650.00. For this course, a $300.00 deposit on the day of drop-off is required, with the remaining balance of $350.00 due on the last day, after a one-on-one with the owner.

No-Leash Training Course (2-Week Board & Train Course)

The No-Leash Training includes everything mentioned from the 8-Day Board and Train Course, but all off-leash. This training consists of E-Collar training. During this training, your dog will be 100% trained off-leash, with the help of an E-Collar. We will properly teach the dog how to respond to the commands given during the training and teach you how to properly use your new E-Collar at the end of the course.

The cost of the No-Leash Training Course is $1,300.00. For this course, a $650.00 deposit is required on the day of drop off, with the remaining balance of $650.00 due on the last day, after a one-on-one with the owner.