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About Us

Macon Moore, owner of Pitt County K9 Academy, spent 15 years working with and training dogs as a K9 Handler. After his K9 Partner, Asa, was retired due to health reasons, he was transferred to the Patrol Division with a local law enforcement agency here in Pitt County, where he now serves as a full-time Deputy.

Shortly after his transfer to the Patrol Division, a Pitt County citizen whom he had met during a K9 demonstration with Asa contacted him about training his family’s two German Shepherd dogs. The gentleman said he was impressed with Macon’s demonstration with Asa, and knew he needed help with his own dogs. After the training, the gentleman was amazed with Macon’s work with his dogs, and suggested that Macon should consider training dogs as a side gig. 

At the time Macon did not take the suggestion too seriously, but a week or so later, a friend of the gentleman contacted him about training her dog. She said her friend had spoken highly of Macon, and that she was in desperate need of help with her boxer/pit mix. He agreed and trained her dog, and she was also impressed with the result of the training.  A couple of weeks went by, and he was contacted again about training another dog. The gentleman said that he had heard good things about Macon’s training and wanted his Doberman trained. It was then that Macon discovered there was a real need for dog training in the area!

Macon’s reputation for dog training spread quickly throughout the community by word of mouth.  As his dog training business grew, people also began to request him to board their dogs while they traveled out of town. Several successful months later, he decided to purchase a building where he could better serve people with training, boarding, doggie daycare, and grooming. Now he has two locations, and Pitt County K9 Academy has been serving Pitt County and the surrounding area ever since.